Navigation Panel

The Navigation panel lets users select groups, sub-groups and individual items for analysis. It is configured to specific client needs. The example below represents a portfolio, sub-portfolios, and items within them.



The Navigation panel lets users select the desired node. In this example, “Long Range Planning” has been chosen as the portfolio. “Italy Sleepwell” has been chosen for analysis

  • The context for “Italy Sleepwell” is “Version 2” of the plan, “Pipeline” projects, “Insomnia” division, “Sleepwell” project, “EU Sleepwell” region
  • “Italy Sleepwell” is at the right edge of the tree branch, sometimes call a “leaf,” and input and evaluation occurs here
  • Other nodes are aggregations of values from the leaf nodes
  • The node Sleepwell (in italics) is a “platform” node, treated later


The Navigation panel can be resized and reconfigured. 

  • Resize the panel by clicking and dragging on the right-hand boundary
  • Clicking the << icon attached to the panel will collapse the Navigation Panel and shows the path to the node "Italy Sleepwell".

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