Navigation Panel


The Navigation panel lets users select groups (nodes), sub-groups (subnodes) and individual projects for analysis. It is configured to specific client needs.

An Example of Portfolio Navigation Panel

  • Our example below represents a portfolio with all sub-portfolios and projects within it.

Navigation panel lets users select the desired node for analysis.

  • In our example, 'Long Range Planning' is the chosen portfolio. Under that portfolio tree, we have chosen 'Italy Sleepwell' for analysis. 
  • The context for 'Italy Sleepwell' is:
    • 'Version 2' of the Plan;
    • 'Pipeline' Projects;
    • 'Insomnia' Division;
    • 'Sleepwell' Project and;
    • 'EU Sleepwell' Region.
  • 'Italy Sleepwell' is at the ending point of the portfolio tree branch, sometimes called a 'leaf' node where input and evaluation occurs. 
  • Other nodes are aggregations of values from the leaf level nodes.
  • The node Sleepwell (in italics) is a 'Platform' node, explained in our article, What is a Platform Node?

The Navigation panel can be resized and reconfigured. 

  • Resize the Navigation panel by clicking and dragging on the right-hand boundary.
  • Clicking the << icon attached to the panel will collapse the Navigation Panel and show the path to the node 'Italy Sleepwell'.

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