Changing Password

It is recommended that you change your password every three months to maintain the security of your SmartOrg system. 

Step 1: Go to My Profile under your Username

  • In order to begin, please go to the upper-right corner of your Window where your Username is, and under the drop-down list, click on My Profile.

Step 2: Find the link "Change Password"

  • Then click on Change Password link under Security, to change your password.

Step 3: Typing and Saving a New Password

  • A Change Password window will pop up. Enter your old password, new password and confirm the new password. Click on Save, to make sure your new password is saved. 

 Step 4: Logging In again using the new password

  • After you successfully change your password, the system will ask you log in again, using the new password you just created. 

Demonstration of Changing Password

  • Here is a screen-flow to visually walk you through changing your password.

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