Introducing Workspace

Workspace area is located in the center of the application, where most of the data and charts are laid out. 


The major controls of the content in the workspace are located at the top menu bar on the right of the workspace.

  • Display alters the view of the content: table view or chart view
  • Settings give you the control of the data displayed e.g. how many decimals you want to see in the table. If it's a chart, whether or not to display labels for each data point.
  • Export allows you to export the content. For a table, it gives you the option to download the summary, or with full details in a csv file. For a chart, it will open the image in a another page for you to save or copy and paste in to your desired application. 
  • Share button allows you to share the link of the content you are looking at with anyone in your organization who can log in into the system.
  • Maximize button allows you to maximize the workspace area.

Another way to maximize the workspace would be using the left and right arrows to collapse the panels next to workspace as shown below.

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