Introducing Workspace

Workspace area is located in the center of the application, where most of the data and charts are laid out. 


 Figure-1: Workspace Area in the System

Major Controls in Workspace

The major controls of the content in the Workspace are located at the top-right menu bar of the Workspace area.

  • Display alters the view of the content, depending on whether the content we choose to view is a a Table or a Chart.
  • Export allows you to export the content. For a table, it gives you the option to download the summary, or with full details in a .csv file. For a chart, it will open the image in another page for you to save or copy/paste it to your desired application. 
  • Share (Share_link.png) icon allows you to share the link of the content you are looking at with anyone in your organization who can log into the system to view that link.
  • Settings (wrench_icon.png) icon allows a user to change portfolio settings such as increase/decrease table decimals, chart decimals, hide/show tooltip and labels, increase/decrease chart label characters, show/hide chart interpretations and change the placement of the vertical divider for the Innovation Screen chart. 
  • Maximize (Expand.png) icon allows you to expand your Workspace area visually.


Figure-2: Control icons for Workspace Area in the System

Visual Demonstration For Maximizing Workspace 

  • Another way to maximize your Workspace would be using the left (<<) and right (>>) arrows to collapse the Navigation and Action panels to see only the Workspace area. We demonstrate this visually in the screen-flow below:

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